Sunday, August 23, 2009

Social Media- It means so much to me :)

I was in Turkiye for 3 weeks, where I was born and grew up. I saw my parents, my sister, the family, and close friends... It was really nice. Getting together, sharing meals and love. Socializing, caring and loving. But if you ask me now, what I did for 3 weeks, mostly I did meetings, work, work work... I tried to explain, Social Media and how it works. There were quite a lot of people, first listened than tried to understand my approach. It was not quite close what we have in United States on this field. Cause people are really socialized in their day to day lives. Either you have friends for dinner or after dinner for a drink or sharing a cup of tea. But the main idea is getting together and socializing. Sharing is easing their daily problems and hectic lives. Nothing is easy lately, not even close; especially with tough economic situations. What makes things easy is sharing them. So they don't understand my approach to socializing in Internet, Twitter and so on... They really use Facebook, but that's it. They don't have that much of connection with Social Media. What I tried to show them is the power and support in Social Media, the importance of it. How Socail Media helped me and how it helped me to help others. How its so important to me. Now, when I'm looking back to my three weeks in Turkey, am I feeling guilty not to share my time in the fullest with my family? No I don't think so, I'll always miss them dearly. But I feel like I sparked one of the first torches in Social Media in Turkey :)

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