Monday, July 27, 2009

What is your Social Media Business Model?

Social media is becoming more and more attractive to Small Business Owners. However, the majority of social media services do not have a clear business model to present.
If you search around the web, you can easily find a list of business models, which is pretty much like this:
*Merchant – selling somebody else’s products or services
*Manufacturer – selling your own stuff
*Affiliate – making money referring people to somebody else (pay-for- performance)
*Infomediary – money is made by selling customer data
*Community – everybody pitches in (not sure how money is made)
*Brokerage – brings parties together and takes a cut of the action
*Advertising – no need to explain
*Subscription – paid, metered, pay as you go, etc.

In the long run, however, social media has to adopt alternative means for making money. At the moment there are a few alternative business models, of which four larger themes are; Crowd-sourcing, revenue sharing between services and users, developing and selling underlying technologies, and adopting social media tools and approaches for professional use. Some examples of these approaches already exist.

Some core concepts of social media, as well as investigates various phenomena co-occurring with social media, namely user activeness, identity, copyrights, mobility, trust, and side-effects. These phenomena should be kept in mind when designing and launching social media products and services.

Social media tools can also be used to change the working methods of an enterprise by, for example, encouraging openness and networking. The tools also operate in complex enterprise networks. Enterprises offering these new tools as part of the operations of the corporate world will have business opportunities.

So many question marks; too many questions looking for answers. In this crazy world don't we have enough already?????

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stand Out From The Crowd

So lets brainstorm together. Think about how social media has influenced you. Which service have you needed recently? What was your last purchase? How about the last restaurant you ate at? What was the last thing you read? What was the last electronic gadget you bought? Have you purchased a car recently? If you think about it long enough you agree that most things you do and buy have been influenced by conversations you’ve had both offline and online. So now you’ve got a vision of social media as a way of making business communication more human and more effective, while making the bottom-line results more measurable. In that vision, social media is integrated fully into existing business disciplines. Most companies are at least starting to see the potential. They understand word of mouth, and they understand that this is word of mouth in 2009. They’ve still got a lot of ground to cover between a willingness to experiment and a willingness to embrace social media. That’s my role most of the time: finding the path of least resistance between my clients’ willingness to explore social media and the results that will hopefully move them towards embracing it in a way that can transform their business. We help companies generate traffic, leads and sales via the web using newer tactics in social media marketing such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and other relevant tools. What makes us different than others is media production and Video Sharing sites, such as YouTube, ICYOU and Metacafe. We film, edit and post your messages via those tools.

So we are here for you, to help your businesses "Stand Out From The Crowd" in this tough economic times. We price our work that suits with your budget, we should say its really affordable, cause we strongly believe that in order to survive we should walk hand in hand.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Media Landscape

The recession has accelerated systemic changes in the media landscape: Audiences are fragmenting, taking more control, and seeking inexpensive — or free — alternatives. Combined, print and television lost almost $17 billion in US ad spending in 2008 and 2009. While it may seem to be a buyers' market, this media meltdown risks being highly disruptive to campaigns and partnerships. Marketing leaders must work with media companies and agencies to reinvent integrated marketing, blending content with messages and extending channels not for reach, but for deeper audience relationships.
Do you remember the last time you found a plumber through a newspaper ad or yellow pages, I believe you use one of the search engines. So in order to stand out of the crowd, you should take your place in Social Media. Besides nobody has time to read long articles any more; thats why Twitter is so successful, you should finish your message in 140 characters. Its just makes the message deliverable and readable.
Twitter has made marketers rethink the way they market. You can follow any company and get their tweets on your twitter profile. (On twitter you can find more companies than users.All have their twitter accounts and send tweets to their followers.The new age marketing.)
New product launch,new ad,relaunch,any news about company,results anything,they send you tweets instantly the thing happens.Viral marketing has a whole new dimension and medium to grow.
Bloggers like me use Twitter to announce the new posts instantly as the post is published.

How many people in USA Tweets per day?
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*The 'paperless' society hasn't quite happened yet, so you are continually seeking innovative ways to draw attention for your corporate events.
*You want to let your clients know how important they are to your business.
*Your CEO is the headline speaker at a major trade show.
*Shareholder communication with a punch is at the top of your list of objectives.

Let Invitee be your coporate communications headquarters

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Affordable IT ???

Most Smaller enterprises do not have dedicated IT resource, nor they want to invest on expensive IT skils. Most companies need centralized information of the resources, business generated information and collaboration tools beside their financial processes.

Our Affordable IT is aimed at helping transcend the business and technology challenges of doing IT on a tight budget. We not only review inexpensive products that pay off big but also offer analysis such topics as negotiating with vendors and managing IT staff time wisely.
Survival Strategies for Small IT Shops:

Remote Desktop Management
DatabaseManagement Outsourcing
Server Management Outsourcing
Security Outsourcing
Storage and Backup Strategies
Cloud Computing Models
Capacity on Demand Modeling
VMware ESX , Solaris Virtualization, HPUX Virtualization, ZVM (Z-Linux on Mainframe)
DR Planning and Management
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Executive Management Online System

What is EMOS ?

EMOS will be used to support a number of decision situations including structuring of complex problems, developing priorities and ranking alternatives, measuring consistency of judgments, allocating resources, and conducting a cost/benefit analysis. Also assists in organizing problem-related information in a hierarchical model consisting of a goal, possible scenarios, criteria, and alternatives. EMOS enables the decision maker to systematically make judgments about the relative importance of criteria and the preference fro alternative to criteria.

Main goal of EMOS is to easily create management bridge mechanisms with the organizations both executive and IT group. EMOS is nothing with neither of them, because managers set models to support their decision process in EMOS and the IT group makes these models work effectively. This serves to the solution of one more chronicle problem that resides between the executive and IT group, which is the translation of different languages that the two groups speaks. EMOS becomes a natural gateway between these groups translating them the other group’s demands and thoughts.
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A Little Background

I started my career in Turkey as an announcer at Turkish Radio and Television Corporation in 1987. After 1991 I transferred to TV Broadcasting. I worked in every stage of my career requires finally I was an anchorwoman in prime time news. After we moved to USA, I worked from New York UN as TRT Correspondent. I resigned from TRT in 2005 after 18 years. I started Promin Video Productions within my husbands company Promin Computer Technologies Inc. I implemented my knowledge and experience into our company. We do corporate commercials as well as high quality documentaries for Broadcasting. Such as "21. Yuzyil"
But at the end of the day, me and my team became experts in Social Media Strategies. If you want to stay competitive, attract new clients and retain your existing ones, you'd best be prepared to change with them. We know social media is important not that we are recommending to change everything and only replace all your sales strategies with only Social Media-but we want to help our clients to integrate social media with other marketing efforts so that they can gain measurable and strategic results especially in todays economy.
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Monday, July 20, 2009


So what is this milkshake all about? I truly love milkshake especially chocolate milkshake, but how this is related with Social Media. First of all, I believe if you love what you do, you don't feel like you're working. So I really enjoy what I'm doing, helping my clients, watching them grow and being a part of their success; is almost the same feeling of having chocolate milkshake. Besides Social Media by itself is a perfect shake with all those perfect social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed.  So welcome to our milkshake, be a part of our blend, with your feedback and participation we'll have a perfect ProminMilkShake. 
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