Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stand Out From The Crowd

So lets brainstorm together. Think about how social media has influenced you. Which service have you needed recently? What was your last purchase? How about the last restaurant you ate at? What was the last thing you read? What was the last electronic gadget you bought? Have you purchased a car recently? If you think about it long enough you agree that most things you do and buy have been influenced by conversations you’ve had both offline and online. So now you’ve got a vision of social media as a way of making business communication more human and more effective, while making the bottom-line results more measurable. In that vision, social media is integrated fully into existing business disciplines. Most companies are at least starting to see the potential. They understand word of mouth, and they understand that this is word of mouth in 2009. They’ve still got a lot of ground to cover between a willingness to experiment and a willingness to embrace social media. That’s my role most of the time: finding the path of least resistance between my clients’ willingness to explore social media and the results that will hopefully move them towards embracing it in a way that can transform their business. We help companies generate traffic, leads and sales via the web using newer tactics in social media marketing such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and other relevant tools. What makes us different than others is media production and Video Sharing sites, such as YouTube, ICYOU and Metacafe. We film, edit and post your messages via those tools.

So we are here for you, to help your businesses "Stand Out From The Crowd" in this tough economic times. We price our work that suits with your budget, we should say its really affordable, cause we strongly believe that in order to survive we should walk hand in hand.

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