Thursday, November 26, 2009

IKEA's successful Facebook marketing

Social Media has grown tremendously this year. We start to see whoever dares to use Social Media Strategies in their marketing efforts also started seeing the results. IKEA has put together a very successful Facebook campaign to promote a new store and at the end of the day, it was a huge success.

The Swedish furniture company opened a new store in Malmo, Sweden and rather than just using only old marketing methods they decided to go directly to the people using Facebook. They uploaded several images from the Ikea showroom over the course of two weeks. Finally the interesting part was that the first Facebook user to tag his or her name on one of the products in the picture won it.

So if you dare to use it, you can enjoy the results :)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization – 5 Major Rules Must Have

Author: Kenny Gregg
Social Media Optimization or SMO is a set of methods for generating publicity through social media, online communities and community websites. It is in many ways associated as a strategy to viral marketing through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites instead of having the word of mouth created through friends or family. It is also considered as an integral part of an online reputation management or search engine reputation management technique for individuals or organizations that care about establishing their presence online.
As of today's marketing industry, SMO has been widely used by marketers to give their business a boost in authority for their websites. Through SMO, they were able to raise their site's performance and visibility in the entire internet marketing world. In relation to this, many are still wondering how SMO works. Below are the 5 major rules that can assist you while conducting SMO:
1. Boost your exposure through links. As you will notice in the internet community, many sites appear to be rarely updated. So if you want to optimize your site through social media, you need to update the content then use the links of your content to be visible on different social media sites. Adding a blog is a great step.
2. Use the power of tagging and bookmarking. You should add content features to your site like quick buttons which your audience can click if they like what they have read on your site. Be sure that bookmarking and tagging on your site is easy to find and navigate. Remember, typical visitors want a quick process.
3. Reward inbound links. Inbound links send visitors to your site. So it will be a good act to reward them since it helps to boost your site. You can encourage more inbound links if you are known to be someone who provides rewards back.
4. Aid your content travel. When your site has content, submit it to relevant site article directories. This way, your content is being noticeable to many sites and will help you to boost your own site if you provide a link in the article back to your original article.
5. Allow others embed your content. Letting others embed your content is a great way to prove your existence online. It also helps your content travel further and a more tendency of showing up to different sites.
Actually, SMO is easy. You just have to know the basics. After that, you will notice that you are increasing your site's visibility. And now that I have revealed the five (5) major rules, start from there. I will be updating these rules in future articles as these ideas get more sophisticated.

About the Author:

Kenny Gregg is a Kung Fu Genius with regards to MLM Secrets. Kenny is an expert on attraction marketing in the MLM profession, and if you want to learn and master his secrets to growing a Network Marketing Empire, visit his MLM SecretsFormula

Article Source: - Social Media Optimization – 5 Major Rules Must Have

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Monday, November 23, 2009

We are Thankful, cause we have too much to share

Its been a while I couldn't update my blog. So many things happened past couple weeks. First my partner in Turkey got sick, later myself and my family. Some forms of H1N1 and bronchitis, sinus infection. We postponed our event. So time to time, I feel sad, disappointed. But during those times, I felt how much I've been cared. So many friends shared their concerns, they helped me to ease my pain. They showed me one more time that, life gets easier when we share. I was thinking, "God this must be a curse" and a great person that I know from Twitter told me that "who knows that curse may actually be a blessing :) " It was true. It turned out to be a blessing.
It was couple days ago, I met a friend through my grocery shopping. She told me that one of our common friends is in the hospital with a late stage of cancer. She might not see the Thanksgiving. Three little kids, a very young age and a nice career. She worked so hard, too much stress. She is such a nice person and I'm praying for her and asking for your prayers.
We have so much to share, we share our knowledge through Social Media, we share our success stories through Social Media, and we share our friendship. I'm so Thankful this year; I have so many friends that I can ask their prayers for my friend.
Happy Thanksgiving :)

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