Monday, November 23, 2009

We are Thankful, cause we have too much to share

Its been a while I couldn't update my blog. So many things happened past couple weeks. First my partner in Turkey got sick, later myself and my family. Some forms of H1N1 and bronchitis, sinus infection. We postponed our event. So time to time, I feel sad, disappointed. But during those times, I felt how much I've been cared. So many friends shared their concerns, they helped me to ease my pain. They showed me one more time that, life gets easier when we share. I was thinking, "God this must be a curse" and a great person that I know from Twitter told me that "who knows that curse may actually be a blessing :) " It was true. It turned out to be a blessing.
It was couple days ago, I met a friend through my grocery shopping. She told me that one of our common friends is in the hospital with a late stage of cancer. She might not see the Thanksgiving. Three little kids, a very young age and a nice career. She worked so hard, too much stress. She is such a nice person and I'm praying for her and asking for your prayers.
We have so much to share, we share our knowledge through Social Media, we share our success stories through Social Media, and we share our friendship. I'm so Thankful this year; I have so many friends that I can ask their prayers for my friend.
Happy Thanksgiving :)

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