Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Since I took all my business post over to Promin Social Media; I decide to keep up this blog with my personal posts and about my life story. So for todays special edition; I want to talk to fathers. I love my dad, his name is Nejat Sencebe. He is a character. While me and my sister growing up. He told my mom that raising the girls is a big responsibility so he decide to be the authority and never showed his love to us but always the strict one. We were so afraid of him. He never allowed us to go out at night with our friends. You know when I realized that he loves me; the day that I got married. He cried. He really cried. That I told to myself woww- He loves me. Why he waited so long. As a little girl, you need him to hug you. You need him to be understanding. Later I've learned that after we slept; he used to come our bed and watch us; but without showing us so we don't saw his weakness. Isn't it sad? But it was the culture that I've been raised. And also I think he didn't raised up in a loving environment. He lost his dad at the age of seven.
He has one photograph that he kept as a treasure from his childhood with his dad. Even his father wrote on the back of photo that "9-3-1938 Necat kicked by a donkey, because he was a naughty boy and showing that he got kicked by his head"
After his father passed a way, my grandma sent my father to a boarding school. That was the main reason he didn't get the love that he was looking, he never know how to show his love. But today at the age of 46, I know that he loves me, and I want him to know that I love him and I understand him. So even if you have heartbreaks, even if you have problems with your dads; Call them today, Visit them, Hug them. Just be appreciated that you have a dad, my dad lives so far a way from me. But I'm so appreciated that he is alive, he loves me and I love him.

To my Father in Law Ismet Gunver that I also love dearly, I know he's watching us from heaven and I'm waving to him. Happy Father's Day Daddy

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