Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Instant gratification by Jemma @cousinslowpoke

Twitter is my new bff. I have been on twitter for just a few short months and I already cannot live without it. I would have chuckled if I had heard someone say this a bit ago but here I am saying it to you. We are in an era where we are always waiting for the next new and improved something or other. Most are dependent on some type of tech gadget like an iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Ever see someone misplace their phone and have a full blown panic attack from withdrawl? I thought so. I'm only 35 but I feel ancient remembering what life was like before computers, cell phones and cable tv. We are fortunate to be spoiled with so much technology to keep our ever growing appetites fed. Although I was never part of Myspace I assume their users experienced the same euphoria that I feel now with Twitter just as I did in my first few months of Facebook. I haven't resorted to Twitter being my set home page when I turn on my lap top but it is definitely the second site I check after my email. My hubby loves to make fun of me for always being on Twitter and I actually see @ signs when I close my eyes at night. So it is safe to say I am a Twaddict. Hello my name is Jemma and I'm a Twitter addict.

Now that I have made fun of myself I would like to tell you why Twitter, Facebook and the internet in general is so important to me. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's 5 1/2 years ago at the age of 30, right in my prime techie years. As a result of ALS I have lost the majority of my speech. So although most cannot understand me in person I am definitely heard online. It keeps me entertained from an otherwise mundane day due to my illness. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that will eventually leave my body paralyzed. So I am very grateful to technology for making my life easier and more fun while living with such an awful fate. While I cannot just pick up a phone and call a friend to chit chat I can still sign on to Twitter and chat away with my new friends until I lose the function of my right hand and my typing finger. Twitter is an open forum unlike Facebook that only connects you with friends and family you already know. I've "met" quite a few amazing people through Twitter and call them my friends. I am just hoping they are legit users and not men in a creepy basement wearing only boxers posing as my friends. Whether you are looking for friendship, business contacts, social media tools or all the above it's amazing how you can connect with people for a wide variety of reasons. I'm only on for the entertainment value and it has definitely lived up to what I expected of it.

No matter what kind of mood I'm in I can sign on to Twitter and find someone that shares my temporary state of mind. Amazing right? Feel like complaining about something or want to share exciting news with someone, well then jump on Twitter and express yourself. What a concept. Instant gratification. Now that's my kind of site. It also opens your eyes to others, other's issues, other's feats, etc. I've met people fighting a battle just like me. People that need the support and ear of someone that understands. It's not just about being silly it's also about learning of people and causes in need. Twitter is amazing like that because information can spread like wildfire. It's an online support system. Let's just hope Twitter isn't just a fad and forgotten like cameras with film because I'm not ready to lose my bff.

by Jemma @cousinslowpoke

Thank YOU Jemma, you are such a great inspiration, I'm honored to call you "my twitter friend" :) Jade

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  1. Jemma, you rock!!! You're a survivor and an inspiration!

  2. Jemma,

    You are the living proof of anything is possible under any circumstances.. Thank you for sharing your valuable thoughts with us.


  3. Well done "JEM"ma! You have expressed exactly what I love about the forum that is Twitter. The opportunity to meet others,share and learn from lives, experiences and opportunities. Laughs, tears, joy and fears. It IS life aterall, isn't it! Go Girl!

  4. Thanks for letting me read your first blog post. You know that I adore you and have you in my thoughts & prayers every day. Hugzzzzzzzz to you and Slowpoke.


  5. Jemma, thank you for sharing and putting yourself "out there" with us. You inspire me SO much. I am honored to know you.

  6. Now that you've taken this first step into blogging, I hope the positive feedback gives you the impetus to blog more. You have so much to offer, so do it for us!

  7. I LUV U, BFF and I'm not a creepy guy in boxers in the basement, lol!!! BIG hugs 2 u, ur my inspiration!!! :)

  8. Love your first blogpost, please keep 'em up! I will add you to the list of blogs on my own, if it is okay with you...

    Steve Woods

  9. I love synchronicity. I was looking for inspiration and I think i've found it. I'll contact you soon. :) Hugs to you twitter sister!!!

  10. Thank you, Jemma!

    As someone who has been a writer for years, I'd like you to know that I think you write beautifully! You write straight from your heart, and that has been the secret to good writing for centuries.

    I'm sorry and saddened to hear you have ALS. I will pray for you and your family. There are "voice recognition software programs" (Google that phrase) that might help you down the road. They take time to learn your voice, so you might consider them now, if you think one might be appropriate for you.

    I wish you all the best, Jenna! Keep up your spirits! Keep up the good fight!

    Your new buddy,

    George Spink
    Los Angeles

  11. thank u all for ur kind words, support and encouragement!

    i cannot begin to express to u how much it means to me especially bc it was my first blogging experience ever.

    thank u jade for the opportunity!

    xo jemma

  12. Girllll you should start your own blog! You are a great writer and your words are true and heartfelt. You always manage to bring a little bit of sunshine to my day on Twitter and I'm glad we've "met" :D ((((HUGS)))

  13. Thank You Jemma, I'm honored to have you on my blog, that's why we called it ProminMilkShake, its a shake of feelings, experiences, opportunities we are sharing one another. That's why we called it Social Media, it's not why we want to get, but because we love to give :)
    I adore your spirit, your strength and inspiration and I'll always pray for you my sweet twitter friend :)