Tuesday, October 13, 2009

University Student 2.0

University student 2.0 what does this mean? The argument that the Web 2.0 internet more social convergence, sharing and individual activities with intense expression mean that Web 2.0 is coming from.

University is the host of lots of activities, organizations for students. However, students are looking for different areas, tastes. Internet is the very first place to be more social. You can easily realize that importance of Internet. When I walk around the Bilkent Campus, drink coffee at Mozart or Break or take photocopy at Library. They are talking about Facebook, MSN, and Twitter.

Social media supports the human need for social interaction, using Internet. Especially at the beginning of social networks; they were created by young geeks at university dorm rooms or their garages. On the other hand, Turkey does not enough infrastructures to create global social network places so; we would have focused on consumption rather than production. A recent ComScore Survey (Q1 2009) shows that Turks spend more time on the internet than all other European countries. Turkish users spend an average of 32 hours online per week and are also active on social networks.

Relations are now also start Facebook is continuing to MSN chat, Text messages also ends. In this way, they don’t have real-life experience and feel in the deep. I have many friends who are just speaking their friends just online. Their Facebook and MSN lists full of people but they are always doing something lonely.

Of course, Lots of benefits for using the social media and networks. Especially in the ongoing exam week, you can chat classmates on the MSN and create online discussion platforms with your friends, or send lecture notes to each other. Furthermore, before you met people, you can check in out their Facebook profile activities, latest news about them.

Aykut Karaalioglu

Co-Founder Impreda Tech./Marro.ws


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