Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Affordable IT ???

Most Smaller enterprises do not have dedicated IT resource, nor they want to invest on expensive IT skils. Most companies need centralized information of the resources, business generated information and collaboration tools beside their financial processes.

Our Affordable IT is aimed at helping transcend the business and technology challenges of doing IT on a tight budget. We not only review inexpensive products that pay off big but also offer analysis such topics as negotiating with vendors and managing IT staff time wisely.
Survival Strategies for Small IT Shops:

Remote Desktop Management
DatabaseManagement Outsourcing
Server Management Outsourcing
Security Outsourcing
Storage and Backup Strategies
Cloud Computing Models
Capacity on Demand Modeling
VMware ESX , Solaris Virtualization, HPUX Virtualization, ZVM (Z-Linux on Mainframe)
DR Planning and Management
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