Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Executive Management Online System

What is EMOS ?

EMOS will be used to support a number of decision situations including structuring of complex problems, developing priorities and ranking alternatives, measuring consistency of judgments, allocating resources, and conducting a cost/benefit analysis. Also assists in organizing problem-related information in a hierarchical model consisting of a goal, possible scenarios, criteria, and alternatives. EMOS enables the decision maker to systematically make judgments about the relative importance of criteria and the preference fro alternative to criteria.

Main goal of EMOS is to easily create management bridge mechanisms with the organizations both executive and IT group. EMOS is nothing with neither of them, because managers set models to support their decision process in EMOS and the IT group makes these models work effectively. This serves to the solution of one more chronicle problem that resides between the executive and IT group, which is the translation of different languages that the two groups speaks. EMOS becomes a natural gateway between these groups translating them the other group’s demands and thoughts.
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