Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Letter To God

I was thinking to start form the beginning, but as of very early this morning I changed my mind. You know why, let me tell you the story. It was Hidrellez last night, it's a Turkish spring festival, which is celebrated throughout the country. But more than that, there is a tradition that you write your wishes, go out and find a rose tree and plant them. Because whatever you wish for on Hıdrellez, will come true :) So as I've been told and did this so many years, I've keep this as a tradition from my homeland. Last night my older daughter, who is in college sent a beautiful message and I printed it out. My 13 year old came along and told me that she also wrote a letter. I didn't read it, she folded it and I planted it out at midnight. As of early this morning, I took it out and before putting them aside, I want to read it. So here we go:

"Please, my family has gone through a lot this year, bad days, tears and more. I love my family, they are the strongest people I know. If something bad happens we stick together and hold our heads up high. They sacrifice everything for us, love us, and do anything just to see a smile upon our faces. They are my family, my friends and my guardian angels. We all look out for each other through thick and thin. I ask that this year and all the years to come are full of happiness, love and success. Please help my whole family and to have wonderful years coming up. My family is more important than anything else in the entire world and they deserve so much and more. I'm still thankful for everything I have. My family are very fortunate to be where we are. I just ask for your help. I know you will guide us and lead us. -The love of a family is life's greatest blessing"

I wish all your prayers come true, see you all tomorrow :)

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