Monday, May 17, 2010

Privacy Matters

Okay lesson learned, I'll never say see you tomorrow, because God knows what tomorrow brings to you. In any case I'll write my life story time to time, it won't be like a diary. But for now I want you to look at an important subject with me. Privacy issues! There are so many things going on through Facebook and other sites. Its obvious that Some quitting Facebook as privacy concerns escalate . The issue with Facebook isn’t so much that information is being shared, it’s that information is being freely shared, but at the time of posting, people thought it was private. Facebook went from an “opt in” network to an “opt out” network. This is bad for Facebook users, but it’s a good teaching moment. As parents and pioneers in the social web, we can use this moment in time as a teaching tool. I definitely won't quit Facebook. But what I'm saying is that you should be aware of your responsibilities. You should be conscious. Consciousness is basically awareness. Awareness of many great things. Your existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, actions, etc.. By being aware, you have a better understanding of your environment. So instead of ignoring the situations, problems; we need to solve them. We need to teach our kids the Internet responsibility. Because those type of stories are really and truly heartbreaking. "Facebook Fake Lures Teen Nona Belomesoff Into Death Trap, Say Cops; Job Offer Ends in Murder" The more you get involved with social media, you are allowing more and more people to your online presence. But if and when you want to meet in person, you should do a big research, to see whether that person exists or not; who is he/she? There are so many online networks that one way or another it gives you the hint of that persons character. If you are not sure, please don't risk your life. There is Skype, that you can meet face to face, if its that urgent you want to meet. Privacy matters, Your Life Matters.

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  1. Yes I am concerned about privacy and all that but I have come to realize that the only people who have true privacy are those without a drivers license, do not pay taxes of any kind, has no address and leaves no paper trail. I can google some ones name and get lots of private information. Will this change? Probably not. since we cannot control the beasts completely... we can make the clean up happen more quickly and easily.The government should have laws that protect you quickly and easily from identity theft. The banks and credit card companies should erase any and all unauthorized usage of your accounts. On a personal level, we are in control of what we do and where we go. Parents should be pro active in teaching their children life survival skills. The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people but from time to time a beast will appear. My daughter was taught not to put herself in positions that could be dangerous and when she was 13, she was taught how to physically defend herself from a man.
    Either the parents are not teaching or the children are not listening, either way the children can be vulnerable and powerless.

  2. This article some interesting reading and perspective. Please keep writing.